About The Book

The You Can Do Anything – Three Simple Steps to Success for Graduates book was written specifically to help students and graduates learn some simple steps they can take to enjoy success in their life. It is written in an easy to read style and filled with stories and graphics. The book is divided into three sections based on the three simple steps to success.

Set Goals

The first section of the book is focused on helping readers understand what they want and setting goals to get it. Goal setting is an important skill that successful people commonly use to achieve their dreams, but it isn’t a skill that is often taught in traditional classes. Students often have goals set for them throughout their schooling but they don’t always recognize that they can take control of their own future by setting their own goals.

Without goals, people might go through their life driving in circles. They might still find some success in their lives, but without a clear idea of where they want to go, that success is often only a fraction of their true potential.

Drive Circles

Listen for Inspiration

After setting a goal, inspiration on how to achieve it begins to appear. When someone is ready for inspiration, it gives them the ideas and motivation they need to propel them forward to success. Inspiration can come at any time and from almost any source as long as someone is ready for it – even from a billboard while driving.


Of course, it’s just as important for people to ensure they don’t block inspiration. Holding grudges or letting other people’s anger occupy their minds will block them from getting the inspiration they need.


Take Action

The last section of the book talks about the importance of taking action and some things to expect such as obstacles. Successful people recognize that obstacles are common but they also recognize that obstacles aren’t road blocks. And when someone attempts to overcome the obstacle, they often find great opportunities just beyond it.

Obstacle Opportunity


If you have a student or graduate in your life that you think would benefit from this book, give them a copy. It might be the book that changes their life and they’ll remember you for it for years to come.

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