Our Publishing Model

The YCDA publishing model gives you 55% royalties and is an alternate choice for publishing your book. In general, you have three choices:

  1. Publish with YCDA
  2. Publish on your own (self-publish)
  3. Publish with a traditional publisher

Check out this page to see a comparison of the three models.

Summary of the YCDA Model

  • You get 55% royalties on the sales of your book
  • We give you quarterly royalty payments based on the sales of your book
  • We co-create the book with you providing feedback to help prepare your book for success
  • We guide you through the process of preparing your book for publication providing you with feedback and advice along the way
  • We guide you through the process of creating a book cover providing you with recommendations and suggestions
  • We prepare your book for publication with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and in the proper format for printers and distributors
  • We ensure your book is available for sale on Amazon
  • We ensure your book is available for sale at any traditional book store
  • We sell you quantities of your books at cost plus 10% and shipping that you can sell on your own
  • Your book is available using print on demand (POD) standards eliminating the need for large costs associated with initial runs
  • We coach you on how to create an Internet presence (often called an author platform) so that you can build interest in your book before it is published and generate sales after it published

What Can You Expect From YCDA?

Our goal is to help you produce a quality book, and help you reach your audience.

  • YCDA acts as the project manager of the book to ensure it is published in a timely manner.
  • YCDA puts you in contact with an editor to edit your book at a reasonable price. You pay for the editing.
  • YCDA puts you in contact with a book cover designer to help you create a quality book cover at a reasonable price. You pay for the book cover design.
  • YCDA lays out the final book in the format needed by the printer/distributor including the ISBN.
  • YCDA coordinates the publishing of the book. A book is typically published through two publishers with the same ISBN.
    • The book is published through Amazon’s publishing arm CreateSpace so that it can easily be sold on Amazon.
    • The book is published through an international publisher contracted by YCDA, LLC. This allows the book to be sold in any book store in addition to Amazon.
  • YCDA provides suggestions on how you can do basic things to market your book. YCDA is not promising to do any marketing but will advertise it through Darril Gibson’s author platform to help you get some recognition.

Author Platform

An author platform is the combination of elements you can put together to make yourself known. It can include items such as a web site, a blog, tweets, and a Facebook page.

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